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Upcycling better than recycling!

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Upcycling (as defined by Wikipedia) is the process of converting waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality or a higher environmental value. This sounds like a great idea – but how does this work in practice?

…well a clever blog “bachelor degrees online” have compiled a list of “80 upcycling for your dorm room” – whilst we realise that most visitors to the Recycle for Lewisham site will neither live in dorm rooms or the US, most of these ideas can be carried out in all homes (given a certain amount of time and patience).

Our personal favourites are the “toothbrush toothbrush holder”, “wine corkboard” and the “blue jean organizer”, whether you think that these ideas are examples of upcycling or recycling depends on if you think political signs are more useful than cardboard chairs!

One thought on “Upcycling better than recycling!

  1. Good share! Some nice stuff there.

    And in complement, exists to help with not only ideas, but data on materials and dimensions to help with your reuse project.

    Don’t forget to share any you have in return if you make them!

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