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Textiles Trial – Brockley and Telegraph Hill


Tuesday 25th January saw the start of Lewisham Council’s Textile Recycling Pilot Scheme. This scheme is being trialled in both the Brockley and the Telegraph Hill Wards and is scheduled to last for 9 months. We are trialling this service as part of our commitment to increase recycling within the Borough to 23% of all household waste by 2012. If the scheme is successful it will be rolled out throughout the Borough and could make significant savings in our waste disposal costs as textiles make-up around 3 to 5% of total household waste.

We are running this scheme in partnership with Chris Carey’s Collections. Chris Carey’s have worked within the recycling industry for generations and are a great example of a successful family run business. The textiles that can be collected are Clean dry clothing, paired shoes and boots, belts, hats, bags/handbags, towels, bed linen, curtains and fabrics.

Once collected the textiles get sorted into different groups; some of the clothes are reused in both the UK and abroad. Clothing that is in poor condition will generally be recycled and turned into new clothes or insulation for houses. The clothes that stay in the UK can be resold as vintage clothing, and often TV and Theatre companies use the clothes for their productions. Generally, clothing that is not considered suitable for the UK market will be sent to disaster zones throughout the world to help people who are in real need.

All residents who live in the Brockley and Telegraph Hill wards should have received a leaflet with detailed information of how the scheme works. If you live in either ward and do not have one please follow this link and download a copy of the leaflet. The textiles will be collected twice a week on Tuesdays and Fridays and all collections need to be booked by calling Envirocall on 0208 314 7171. On your designated collection day the textiles must be placed in a bag that is left within the boundary of your property ensuring that they are clearly visible from the road. Residents must use their own bags and they can be any size or any colour. However the resident must attach the ‘Textile Leaflet’ to EACH bag containing the clothes.

If you would like any further help or information please leave us a comment here and we’ll get back to you!

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