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The Future of London’s Waste – Your chance to comment!

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The Mayor of London has recently published his Municipal Waste Management Strategy for public consultation.  He is keen to get the views of as many Londoners as possible on this strategy, as the public are essential to delivering higher recycling, reduced waste and more reuse.

The Mayor wants London to become a world leader in waste management, utilising innovative techniques and technologies to minimise the impact of waste on our environment and to fully exploit its massive economic value. The aim is to reduce the amount of waste generated by the capital, repair and reuse what we can, significantly increase recycling and composting performance, and to generate energy in the most environmentally friendly way possible from rubbish that cannot be reused, recycled or composted.

Follow the link below to complete a survey and have the chance to express your opinions in open comment boxes, where your questions can be answered:

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