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Battery recycling is here

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In the lead up to Christmas we’ll either be getting the latest gadgets (3D glasses anyone?) or throwing away the ones that don’t quite cut it anymore (think 3D glasses in 5 years time!). So what to do with all of the surplus toys and batteries? … well if the toy’s are still in good order they should go to your local charity shop – someone may appreciate a toy even if you or your children have fallen out of love with it. If the toys are beyond repair they can be taken to our reuse and recycle centre at Landmann Way.

But what about all of the batteries? Be it from toys or just the remote control because it’s been warn out by the Christmas tv schedule. The answer is here …

Lewisham has just added batteries to it’s kerbside recycling! If you have a wheelie bin you should have already received a clear plastic battery recycling bag, these are really easy to use:

All batteries except car or industrial batteries can be recycled. Once your battery recycling bag has been filled and sealed, you can leave it on top of your green recycling bin on your normal collection day. The batteries will then be collected and recycled and the recycling crews will leave a new bag underneath the lid of your recycling bin.

If you haven’t already got a bag, you can get one sent to you by calling 02083147171 or by emailing

For residents who live in estates and only have access to bulk recycling bins you can take your batteries along to all local libraries and schools who have battery recycling points.

Councillor Susan Wise, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, said: “In Lewisham we’ve been encouraging battery recycling since 2009 and have recycling bins in all our libraries and at other points around the borough”.

“I think the new kerbside battery recycling scheme is great. In the UK we recycle less than 3 per cent of portable batteries, whereas other European countries recover over 50 per cent”

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