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Love Food Hate Waste


Lewisham Council are putting on some free Love Food Hate Waste workshops …

What’s it all about? Love Food Hate Waste is the ‘Waste Not Want Not’ of the modern day, providing handy tips, advice and recipes for leftovers to help everyone waste less food.

Why? 8.3 million tonnes of food is thrown away by households in the UK every year. Reducing food waste is a major issue and not just about good food going to waste; wasting food costs the average family with children £680 a year and has serious environmental implications too.

Lewisham Council are holding the workshop to discuss handy tips on how to store or use up left-overs, give you some great ideas about meal planning and discovering all the types of food that can be frozen. If you’re interested use the contact details below.


2 thoughts on “Love Food Hate Waste

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