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Silver Road Clean Up

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Last week Council Officers and Local Residents joined forces to clean up a fly tipping hot spot near Lewisham town centre.  The issue of the site was raised at a residents association meeting, often these areas are known by serial fly tippers as good places to dispose of their waste for free.

As a council this is a constant problem …. we will obviously remove the fly tip as it is unsightly and unpleasant for residents who live nearby. However by doing this is it may encourage people to continue fly tipping.

In order to solve the problem at Silver Road we are trying a two pronged approach – Firstly we have cleaned up the area and replaced the bins with “cow bins”. This will make the area more visibly appealing and hopefully discourage people as they know the area is reguarly maintained and monitored. This is a similar idea to the “Broken Windows Theory” discussed in Malcolm Gladwells “Tipping Point”.

Secondly we will place up “No Fly Tipping” signs and also CCTV camera’s to deter and catch any offenders.

We hope that these measures will help clean this area up and contribute to making Lewisham a cleaner, greener borough. This project was part of Capital Clean Up, if you have an area near you which has severe fly tipping problems please let us know.

See the before and after pictures below to see what a difference can be made …

The site at Silver Road before the clean up started

The site at Silver Road after the clean up

The old bins at the site and evidence of a fly tip

The new cow bins at Silver Road

The Capital Clean Up Team

One thought on “Silver Road Clean Up

  1. Hello! I was wondering why silver road no longer as any cowbins and is now looking very worse for wear!

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