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Get Composting …


Lewisham Council is putting on free composting workshops for residents.

A local resident who attended one of Lewisham’s composting workshops gave us some feedback on the session,  if the sessions are this good surely you have to give it a go … 

“What a useful and interesting way to spend a Sunday morning!

The style of the session allowed me to take in the message and when I got home, I ran through the principles with my husband and son, who got so engaged, they immediately went to shred some paper to add to the compost bin.

The instructor was engaging, knowledgable, and brilliant at getting the message across. If I hadn’t done the course, I would be just bunging in waste and hoping for the best. Now I feel I understand the principles thank you so much”

If you already own a compost bin you’ll be able to learn if what you’re putting in there is right and how to get the correct mix to create good quality compost. If you don’t already own a compost bin you can order or pick one up (for free) and get composting!

For further details and to book a place …

Call: 02083142145


5 thoughts on “Get Composting …

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