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Spring is (just about) here again so it’s time to recycle your garden waste!


Lewisham council’s free weekend garden waste recycling is returning… 


From 20 March until 28 November 2010, residents can dispose of their garden waste at four sites in different parts of the borough. The four locations, open to residents from 9am to 12noon on Saturdays and Sundays, are: 

Riddons Road junction with Mayeswood Road, Grove Park
Girton Road Car Park, Sydenham
Kitto Road, outside Orange Café, Telegraph Hill
Laurence House Car Park, Catford 

You can see a map of the four locations here

You can bring your garden waste in plastic or reusable bags. Flowers and plants, grass clippings, hedge trimmings, leaves, and twigs and branches up to four inches in diameter will all be accepted.
We cannot accept kitchen waste, vegetable peelings, soil, turf, stones or Japanese knotweed. No trade waste or trailers, vans or open back vehicles will be allowed.
The service is free, but residents should bring along proof of address and ID.
Alternitavely residents can buy garden waste sacks: Call CallPoint on 020 8314 7171 or collect them from your local library. The sacks come in rolls of 10 and cost £10 per roll (cash payments only). The charge covers the costs of collection and transporting the waste to a compost site. Once one or more bags are full, contact CallPoint to arrange a collection.
The best option however is to do your own composting, you can try composting your garden waste (and loose shredded paper) at home, using a low-cost compost bin.

2 thoughts on “Spring is (just about) here again so it’s time to recycle your garden waste!

  1. To whom it may concern,
    I regularly take my garden wast to the recycling centre. Thisis a great service provided by the council. I have two questions:
    1. What is done with this garden waste?
    2. Does lewisham provide the soil/compost from the waste to use in their gardens? If so, where can it be picked up?

    Thank you in advance,

    Thomas Mucha

  2. Hi Thomas,

    Thanks for your questions and apologies for the slightly delayed response ….

    All of the garden waste collected at the recycling centre is taken to a commercial composting facility in Rainham, where it is shredded and turned until it reaches a specified standard.

    Unfortunately the compost is not available for lewisham residents to use on their gardens.

    However Lewisham promote home composting as the best way to deal with your garden waste check out our latest posting to find out how you can get a free home composter and also attend a composting workshop!

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