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The council should start collecting more stuff!!

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Currently the council collect a number of materials from the kerbside and estates, these materials are: paper, cardboard, glass bottles and jars, tins, cans and plastic bottles. The council also provide a garden waste collection service which costs £10 for 10 green sacks.

The council is currently in negotiations with the company that process recyclables in the borough to add mixed plastics and tetra-paks (juice cartons) to this list. In the mean time tetra-paks can be recycled at:

Sainsbury’s New Cross Gate
Sainsburys Forest Hill
Laurence House car park in Catford
Grove Park Bus Garage Baring Road
Tesco Lewisham

If you want to recycle your mixed plastics you can take them to Sainsbury’s New Cross Gate and Sainsburys Sava Centre, Southend Lane. These sites will also accept batteries and energy saving lightbulbs (picture below)

Lewisham council also provide a free collection service for mattresses and the Reuse and Recycle Centre can be used for free to get rid of items of household waste.

Batteries can be recycled in all primary schools and libraries throughout the borough and the council are about to launch battery recycling from your doorstep!

Why not have a look at their website to see what else can be recycled at lewisham councils website

One thought on “The council should start collecting more stuff!!

  1. Its good to see the council collecting all of these different items, but one thing I was wondering about was the electrical goods that people throw away? Where does it all end up and is it actually recycled?

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